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Unlock Effortless Conversions with SSFunnel’s Seamless Features

Frictionless Direct Checkout

Experience a checkout designed for ease and efficiency. With SSFunnel, transactions are smooth and straightforward, delighting both you and your customers. Premium features, without the premium price

Order Bumps

Introduce last-minute offers and deals directly on the checkout page, enticing customers to grab just a little bit more. Greatly increase your AOV.

One-click Upsells

Empower your customers to enhance their purchase with a single click, effortlessly increasing your average order value

“SSFunnel One-click upsells” currently supports deep integration with BACS, COD, and Stripe payment gateway. Compatibility with PayPal and more is coming very soon!

Pre-Built Templates

Dive right in with our professionally designed templates, crafted for diverse needs and ensuring your funnels are up and running in no time

*SSFunnel is in its early stages and currently offers a limited selection of pre-built templates. However, we’re rapidly expanding and will be introducing a plethora of templates in the near future!

SSFunnels works greatly with

SSFunnel gives you many styling options for your sales funnel, and you can customize every detail to your liking. You can detach the order bump from the main product selection widget to give your layout even more flexibility. 

You have complete freedom to create the sales funnel exactly as you want it. 💪🏻

Feature Magic Unleashed!

Simplify your eCommerce journey; maximize results with minimal effort

Direct (frictionless) one-step checkout

Streamline your checkout. Our one-step approach means fewer drop-offs and a smoother buying journey.

One-click upsell

More sales, one click! Offer cool extras to your customers just when they're excited to buy.

Conditional Thankyou page

Personalize the post-purchase vibe. Display tailored 'thank you' pages based on purchase choices.

Pre-built templates

Want a quick start? Grab one of our ready-to-use templates, give it your touch, and off you go!

Elementor widgets

If you love Elementor, you're in for a treat! Drag, drop, and dazzle with our easy widgets.

Checkout billing fields editor

Control your checkout details. Adjust billing fields as needed, with more options coming soon.

Facebook pixel (Conversion API)

Optimize your Facebook reach. Track sales efficiently and refine your ad strategies.

Customize Facebook pixel events

Tailor your tracking. Decide which events matter most to your brand.

1 Facebook pixel per 1 funnel

Organize with clarity. Dedicate a single pixel to each funnel for clean data tracking.

Split A/B Testing

ALMOST DONE! A/B testing feature allows businesses to compare two versions of a product or webpage to measure effectiveness and improve optimization.

Cart Abandonment

coming soonE-commerce reduces cart abandonment with reminders and incentives, resulting in higher conversion rates and revenue.

Advanced Funnel Analytics

coming soon Funnel analytics track user behavior, funnel drop-offs and conversions, presented in a detailed graph view for understanding and optimization

Straight-Forward Pricing

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$25 /mo

50 seats

(pay $150 for 6 months)

"Unbeatable Simplicity at a Pocket-Friendly Price"

“After bouncing between multiple plugins, I’ve finally found the one. SSFunnel delivers on speed and simplicity like no other. It’s a breeze to set up, and the cost savings are the cherry on top.”

Ivy M.

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"SSFunnel has been a game-changer for my online store. The one-page checkout feature alone has significantly improved my conversion rate. Highly recommend!"
Alexa M.
"Ever since I integrated SSFunnel into my WordPress site, my average order value has skyrocketed. The order bump and one-click upsell are pure genius."
Rebecca L.
"The conditional thank you page feature is amazing! It adds a personal touch to my customer's buying experience, which has been great for customer loyalty."
Nina S.
"I've tried other sales funnel plugins before, but SSFunnel stands out with its ease of use and simplicity. Setting up my sales funnel was a breeze."
Sam J.


Yes, now I’m running a lifetime deal for a very limited time for early adopters. Login to see more details in your dashboard 😊

You can request a refund up to 15 days after purchase.

Yes, SSFunnel is built specifically for WooCommerce. You also need Elementor installed, just free version is more than fine.

Sure, check it out here [link soon].

SSFunnel is a plugin that simplifies your WooCommerce sales funnel. It makes checkout easier for your customers, which can lead to higher sales for you.

This feature streamlines the checkout process into a single step. No more going back and forth between pages, making it quicker for customers to buy.

Absolutely. SSFunnel is designed to work seamlessly with Elementor, so you’ll feel right at home.

These features let you offer additional products or options right at checkout. It’s a simple way to increase the total order value without complicating the process.

Yes, SSFunnel is fully compatible with Facebook Pixel and we’re planning to add support for more tracking tools like TikTok Pixel and Google Ad conversion tracking.

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